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About Bayleaf Signs and Wonders LLC

We’re a family-owned company in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bob is an engineer, Marie is an artist and teacher, and their daughter Angela is a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, now studying business and accounting.

The Taylor’s adventure began with a membership in a local co-op workshop. Instruction and practice with vinyl cutters, traditional and computer aided wood tools, metal casting equipment, silk screens, embroidery machines and the like fostered their creative impulses. Soon, the Taylors founded Bayleaf Signs and Wonders, putting together their own workshop complete with a laser cutter, track saw, computer controlled router, heat presses, and vinyl cutter. The precision and power of these machines, along with the technical knowledge and artistic talent of our team, give Bayleaf Signs and Wonders the capability to bring to reality the plans and dreams for a wide variety of custom projects.

In addition to traditional art and woodworking tools, we use several CNC (computer numeric controlled) tools to achieve incredibly precise and detailed results. These include:

We like working with wood because of its natural beauty. We use different kinds of wood for different purposes.  Baltic birch plywood is great for cutting on the laser; it's hardwood all the way through, strong and stable, and the better grades have nice surfaces and few interior voids.  It comes in a marine grade, which uses phenolic resin to hold up better outside.  We also like bamboo for laser projects; it’s beautiful, very sustainable, and uses soy-based binders (no formaldehyde resins like in most plywoods).

For outdoor signs,  especially 3D carved signs, we prefer solid cedar or cypress.  We finish them using premium acrylic latex for color and add a UV-stabilized clear coat to seal and protect any unpainted areas.  Cedar and cypress have some natural rot and insect resistance, but when exposed to the elements they will eventually weather.  This might be OK if you prefer a rustic look;  otherwise you’ll need to clean them and re-apply a clearcoat every 3-5 years, depending on climate and exposure to direct sunlight. 

Laser cutter/engraver

Shopbot CNC router

Shop computer