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A small bamboo box engraved with a William Morris capital “C". Substitute your initial for an elegant gift box or storage for small keepsakes. We can also line the inside with velvet or other fabric.

Here's one in birch.
This box has flexible "living hinges". The top and bottom are a single piece of wood, slotted to make it flexible. It clicks securely shut. The hinges look fragile, but they're actually quite durable.

A living hinge jewelry box with removable trays lined with velvet. A photo of the owner's dogs is engraved on the front.

A "word cloud" box makes a great Mother's day gift

Or Father's day

Word clouds are easy and fun to customize

A stylish and practical bamboo bento

with 2 levels and movable partitions.

The classic Japanese lunch box!

A custom case for a Native American flute

Lined with soft fabric and engraved with the owner’s name
This birch letter box has a natural finish and is sized to fit letters and greeting cards.
Here's one with a sliding lid, painted white and decorated with decoupage.
Another sliding-lid letter box with decoupage decoration.
This one uses a third style of lid; the top fits over an inner lip so the outside is flush.

A display case for an insect collection.
The walnut sides are decorated with inlaid insect sillouettes, each in a different species of wood. The front is engraved with a popular verse. The clear acrylic top slides off for access to the collection.

A small box for a rosary. The Celtic cross on the top is cut and engraved in an open lattice pattern.

The side is engraved with a name

and the bottom with a rosary prayer

A puzzle box made using plans from Bruce Viney - Secret Box Plans
Slide the outer tiles in the correct sequence and the top opens up (watch the video below).
We can engrave anything on the tiles; I used my name, so I could remember how to open the darn thing!